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Gerbera & Hydrangea Bouquets – Gerbera daisies offer a big pop of color when used in bouquets and centerpieces. The Gerberas ordered for Kristen’s wedding were grown on a farm named Everbloom located in Carpinteria, CA and the spray roses were flown in from Discovery farm in Bogata, Colombia.

Customers are always amazed at how well flowers travel around the world. For an in depth study on the flower market from grower to retailer consider reading Amy Stewart’s book, “Flower Confidential”.
Gerberas can be very susceptible to bacteria so adding a few drops of bleach to the water will help the gerbera hydrate efficiently and behave beautifully in special event designs. If gerberas are hydrated properly they can be wonderful flowers to use in arrangements.
Gerberas are so colorful! Just think of a box of Crayola crayons and replace the crayons with gerberas – amazingly beautiful colors! Some Gerberas are large, some are small which are called, ‘Germani’. Some have a large “eye” or center of the flower, some eyes are small, some are a pale color and some have a layer of smaller petals in the center of the flower surrounded by larger petals. If you wish to use Gerbera’s in your wedding or special event, a professional florist will have photos and examples of several types of gerbera’s to help you decide what color, size and style you wish to use. Hydrangeas are the perfect “frame” & accent to use  with gerberas in a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet.
Hydrangeas are available in a variety of colors. You can either select a naturally grown color hydrangea such as blue, pink, green/pink or lavender, or a professional florist can air brush a hydrangea bloom the color of your choice. The rounded shape  of a hydrangea compliments any other flower you wish to select for your flower recipe.
A flower recipe is your choice of one, two, three or more flowers and foliages that are designed to create  your custom created floral bouquet or centerpiece.  Kristen selected a bouquet similar to her bridesmaid bouquets but added white cymbidium orchids to her bouquet for a classic, elegant bridal touch.

I deliver all of my bride’s bouquet orders in clear glass cylinder vases to keep the flowers hydrated before and after the wedding. At the end of the evening, the bridesmaids can pick up their vases and bouquets to take home and enjoy them all week. Kristen’s photographer who has provided the photo’s shown in this blog were by

Jessie Shealy
Shealy Photography

Kristen carried the color scheme on her wedding cake with accents of fresh Hot pink Gerberas and white cymbidium orchids. The textures and colors against the buttery white wedding cake is scrumptuous!