Stephanie & Christopher

Country Clubs are venues that offer beautiful rooms for receptions with gorgeous views the guests may enjoy. The wedding photographer can also use the view as a background for spectacular wedding photos. Such is the case for the wedding of Stephanie Smith and Christopher Dofler when they selected Windemere Country Club, ( in Blythewood, SC for the site of their wedding and reception. Standing on the patio outside the ballroom was a breath-taking view of the perfectly manicured green golf course.

Stephanie and Christopher’s color scheme for their late May wedding was yellow, white and turquoise. Yellow miniature callas were selected for the groom and groomsmen’s boutonniere’s accented with a hint of solidago. Some people confuse Solidago with rag weed because they both bloom at the same time and in close proximity to each other in the fall. However, Solidago is not the plant that irritates your allergies and the color is perfect with yellow miniature callas. The Standard and miniature callas I use are flown in from California. Calla Lilies are not lilies at all. Rather they are a Zantedeschia rhizome that is a native of South Africa. Standard Calla’s are white and miniature callas come in a range of colors and bi colors from white, blush, yellow, yellow with a black center, lavender and deep aubergine purple.

Stephanie selected green hydrangeas, white daisies, yellow solidago and miniature white callas for her hand-tied bridal bouquet.

The bridesmaids wore  deep turquoise colored dresses which were the perfect back drop for their fresh floral bridal bouquets arranged with yellow and white daisies and miniature callas. To distinguish the matron of honor’s bouquet from the bridesmaid’s bouquets we used yellow miniature callas in the matron of honor’s bouquet and white miniature callas in the bridesmaid’s bouquets. A small touch but very personal for the bride and her matron of honor.

The ceremony was held outdoors with the beautiful golf green in the background. The bride and groom stood under a botanical-decorated garden arch to exchange their wedding vows. Fresh white and yellow daisies and assorted airy foliages covered the garden arch to provid a beautiful frame for the bride and groom to stand under for this special moment in their lives.

In the ballroom the guest tables were covered with crisp, white linens. The chair covers were white fabric covers with a sunny yellow chair sash. The centerpiece designs were crystal clear glass vases with turquoise-colored glass gems in the bottom of the container and a fresh floral design of  yellow solidago, curly willow and beautiful roses.

At the end of a perfect evening, as the bride and groom left to go to their honeymoon, the guests said their goodbye’s to Stephanie and Christopher by tossing a shower of yellow rose petals as they left the country club.